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We are seasonal growers, with 100+ varieties of organic flowers & herbs in the garden adjacent to the store.  Our flowers are mainly  in bloom & available from late May through early October.   The season may be short here in New York’s Sullivan Catskills, but the choices aren’t limited.  As you wander through our garden, you’ll find vegetables to pick as well.


Cutting Garden 


Fresh, local flowers available at Barryville and Callicoon Farmers’ Markets, at Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket in Brooklyn, Union Square Market on Wednesdays in Manhattan, and for weddings and special events, either DIY or full service. We grow an extensive variety of flowers, all without pesticides and chemical fertilizers to add to the diverse growing ecosystem at our farm. Tannis also makes u-pick appointments June–September.

Tannis Kowalchuk

Willow Wisp Organic Farm

Illustrated Flowers

Naturally grown on her very own farm, this petal pusher offers fresh cut flowers tailored for your wedding, special event or reception. Jilll's gardens are cultivated so that the most astonishing technicolor blooms are timed to burst like fireworks for your extraordinary day. Planning an "out of season" event? No worries, we work year round.

Jill Weiner

Earthgirl Flowers