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Mars Cheese Castle

Our Wisconsin Cheese Story

Wondering, how we got a box of Wisconsin Cheese swag and huge cheese blocks sent to our front door. Follow the next few posts to find out how we got to host a CHEESELANDIA party and become a Wisconsin cheese ambassador.

As fate would have it, a few years ago, ended up on a business trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin. After work, a co-worker wanted to visit Mars Cheese Castle. Not thinking much besides, DUH...a cheese castle...Yes, please!!!

Dreams came true! I walked into a large cheese deli dedicated to displaying local Wisconsin Cheeses!! They had an amazing selection, swag, a bakery, and delicious market to buy lunch or dinner while you are there. So, so, good! Then, another room lead you to a bar.... serving crackers and cheese. Mars Cheese Castle is filled with a group of knowledgeable staff, helping taste whatever cheese you want! They even let me in the cheese cooler!!!

It was then, that was decided...Wisconsin Cheese would be my first choice. Buying bags full to fly home with to NY would then become a normal practice, sharing with the rest of the family.

If some can believe this...in the country where we live, (the Catskills Mountains), Whole Foods and large grocery stores aren't really on every corner, or any corner. So, getting this large amazing selection of cheese to bring home was an absolute treat for everyone.

This is just the beginning of our story.....

next post: Wedding Cheese Wheel Tower

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