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Best Party Ever


My fondest memories as a child were our birthdays. One year, on my brothers 10th birthday, he got a Super Mario theme party. The house transformed into a castle with features such as green warp pipes, mushroom props, and flower power covering the lawn! I got to dress up as Princess Peach and the ambiance was magical. Attention to detail and mindful planning truly captured the essence of this fantasy world. For one day, we were all able to delve deep into an alternate reality and explore a new realm together. We were captivated.


The Family Tie Project strives to create memories that stand out as an oasis in the abyss of days that can just seem to blend together. Enamored by their innocence and touched by how enthusiastic they are about the small details, there is nothing more rewarding for us than event planning for children and we know, as parents, there is nothing more rewarding for you than seeing a continental smile form across your little ones face.

When someone comes to The Family Tie Project with an idea we like to give it life. We love pushing the envelope and doing unique events that have never been done before. Our passion drives us to challenge ourselves from concept to completion and our expertise and experience ensures that afterwards you and your guests will say “that was the best party ever.” We know that not every birthday will be epic but why not make a mark and pick one occasion to really go all out!

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