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Nerf Wars

An intense sense of rivalry emanated from a group of warriors as they prepared for battle in an alchemized youth center (Delaware Youth Center ) on Saturday, March 23. The kids were instructed to bring their own Nerf blasters and ammo was provided for them at the event.

Parents were encouraged to venture out and enjoy the afternoon in town as their kids geared up for the games, each wearing mandatory protective eye wear and a team colored headband. The marksmen gathered around the safe zone for target practice and dialed in on their Nerf blasters to achieve expert accuracy. Our foam firing warriors eagerly awaited blast off as the MC announced the rules of capture the flag, zombie invasion and elimination.

“The arena”

Ominous music pulsated through the arena, inciting our fierce warriors into combat. Camouflaged box barricades were positioned in the nooks and crannies of the center for our contenders to seek momentary refuge and a gleaming green tent served as a safe zone from imminent danger.

Bright beaming blue and yellow forts stood tall as protective home bases for ammo reload and flags; and caution taped shields were placed throughout the battlegrounds, eliciting alert navigation to avoid impending ambush. For an hour and a half the yellow and blue team battled each other in a series of thrilling exhibition games and they had a delightful time doing so.

Immediately following the games, faces a-blaze with glory were invited to bask in their feats and replenish over Peppino's In Callicoon pizza, popcorn, pretzels fresh fruit, Gatorade and other refreshments. They recaptured every moment of their invigorating experience together.

The Family Tie Project prides itself in not settling for ordinary. Every intricate detail proves that we are a results based company that is extraordinary at what we do.

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